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Day 2 lateral flow tests

Day 2 Lateral Flow Tests

Covid Testing Direct - Day 2 Lateral Flow Tests   


By virtue of our membership of the Advantage Travel Partnership, we are able to offer a discount code to obtain Day 2 lateral flow tests. have been at the forefront of innovation in the Covid testing arena and in 2021 completed over 1 million Covid tests and scans for customers from all over the world. 

The discount code will allow clients access to a reduced price of £15.99 (reduced from their standard £23.99).


Please follow the steps below to make a booking :- 

  1. Visit This will show the price as £23.99
  2. Enter the customer's arrival date in the UK
  3. Enter the code advantagelft to the box titled ‘Apply Coupon’ This will reduce the price to £15.99
  4. Complete the booking and finalise your order

When the test arrives all instructions on how to complete it and submit results will be enclosed. Results will be sent via e-mail and there will also be a certificate issued showing the results in case it is needed. can supply tests across the whole of the UK.






Martine Holland-Robinson

Jan 13 2022
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