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George Floyd - Statement from Sarah Wilson

George Floyd - Statement from Sarah Wilson

Many of us have watched with horror the awful and willful murder of George Floyd on the 25th May. To think in this day and age, that a person can be murdered like that in cold blood is outrages and sad beyond belief. It has prompted a global outcry and we have seen in the UK, protests against systemic racism in all walks of life. I find it difficult to relate to this feeling of anger and frustration, perhaps because I’m white, perhaps I’ve worked in a global industry where I thought that racism didn’t exist in an international community. In the travel industry we have a global language, the world is made up of communal recognition by 3 letter city codes, we even calculate air fares in a Neutral Unit of Currency.
It’s easy to think that we are not racist, because we like the people we know who are black or a different ethnicity – but is that enough? Is being anti-racist enough now? Should we renew the narrative to pro-racial integration?
I certainly know that in my personal community, if there is a volcano in New Zealand, bush fires in Australia, earth quakes in Los Angeles, we’d be talking about that and asking our friends how their extended family/friends are knowing they have been affected. Over a week has passed since George Floyd died and not one person in my personal community has mentioned it, which I find very sad.
So today I extend my sympathies to our colleagues, friends and associates who are members of the black/ethnic community, and ask for your help in helping me understand more about racism and how it affects you and your community. I believe only through education can we move forward and truly be an inclusive community in all aspects of our lives.

Sarah Wilson

Jun 10 2020
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