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Introducing Sam Moutkane, Senior Business Travel Consultant

Introducing Sam Moutkane, Senior Business Travel Consultant

Here at ACE Travel ATG UK, our fantastic team is growing! We’ve asked our newest member, Sam Moutkane, to tell us a little bit about himself. Take it away, Sam!

I began my travel career in 2006 as a Business Travel Consultant and I haven’t looked back since!

Over the years, this industry has offered me a fun, varied and extremely rewarding career path. Of course, there are the obvious perks of being able to travel the world and explore places you might never have explored before.

However, there is more to it than just that. It’s the career progression opportunities, the camaraderie with fellow travel experts and the pride of working in a sector that continues to grow and develop year after year.

Even despite the recent challenges thrown up as a result of the pandemic, we in this industry have worked hard to keep the world moving. It’s just meant we’ve had to become even more resilient, adaptable and innovative.

Now, I’m very excited to be joining the team at ACE Travel ATG UK. As a company, they are renowned for their exceptional service, always striving to provide top client satisfaction, and this is evident in their great success within the industry as a whole.

What’s more, my own goals align with ACE’s: to provide our clients with the best and most convenient experience, which, in turn, encourages them to continue their partnership with us and spread positive recommendations to others.

I’m looking forward to developing alongside ACE and bringing back business travel to its former thriving state, in spite of the global pandemic!

We are excited to welcome Sam to the team and can’t wait to revitalise the business travel industry together. If you want to learn more about our travel experts at ACE Travel ATG UK and how we can support your business travel programme, get in touch today!

Jan 20 2022
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