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ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management: everything you need to know

ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management: everything you need to know

Is your business ready for ISO 31030?

In September this year, the ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management guidance was published, establishing a new set of benchmarks that organisations will need to measure up to when it comes to addressing potential risks in business travel.

But, far from being a tricky hurdle to deal with in your business travel planning, this ISO standard will actually empower employers and travel organisers to adopt good travel practices across their organisations. Whilst it’s not always possible to completely eliminate potential travel risks, having a clear framework by which to assess scenarios means you can rest assured knowing you’re covering all bases and minimising those risks as much as possible.

What questions do you need to consider?

To begin adopting the ISO 31030 standard, there are some questions you’ll have to ask yourself, as a business. Take a look at some of the considerations you'll need to keep in mind:

  • Does your organisation have a travel policy framework that includes procedures and approvals?

What we recommend: ensure that your framework is regularly reviewed and that all relevant stakeholders can easily access it.
How we can help: by using data and our full suite of approval and policy controls, we can help you monitor compliance. We also offer travel policy review, implementation and monitoring services.

  • How do you run risk assessments on your travel suppliers and ensure your employees are using safe providers?

What we recommend: whilst it might seem easy to jump in a local taxi, it’s not always the safest option for your travellers. Be sure to set clear guidance on all aspects of the journey so employees can make the right choice.
How we can help: we only work with verified and trusted suppliers that adhere to ACE Travel ATG UK’s quality standards. So, when you work with us you get peace of mind knowing your travellers’ well-being is a top priority.

What we recommend: having all travel information in a safe, centralised location means it can be accessed quickly at a moment’s notice and travellers can be contacted easily.
How we can help: our advanced technology gives you full visibility across all your travellers and their specific routes. We can also build in a 24/7 alert system that will be activated in the event of a crisis.

How to take the stress out of compliance

The ISO 31030 might seem a little intimidating and confusing, but incorporating the framework into your business travel strategy needn’t be painful. Not when you have an experienced travel management company (TMC) on your side. And that’s where we come in.

Not only do we have three decades of experience in business travel management, but we are also collaborators in the creation of ISO 31030. This means all our expert travel advisors know exactly what questions need to be considered and which solutions will work best for your company to achieve complete compliance with the travel risk standard.

If you want to travel with confidence, chat with us today to see how we can help get your business ISO 31030 ready.

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Oct 22 2021
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