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Jobs that qualify for travel exemptions

Jobs that qualify for travel exemptions

Jobs that qualify for travel exemptions 

Some people do not need to fill in a passenger locator form or self isolate on arrival in the UK beacuse of the job that they do. 

The following link from the foreign office lists the jobs that qualify for an exemption and tells people :

* If they need to self-isolate 

* If they need to complete a passenger locator form 

* Any conditions they will need to meet or evidence they will need to show. 

Jobs that qualify for travel exemptions include but are not limited to :- 

* Off shore oil and gas workers 

* Registered health or care professionals 

* Film and high end television production 

* Elite sportspersons 

* Advertising productions 

* IT and telecoms workers 

* Seamen and masters and inspectors and surveyors of ships. 

Please follow the foreign office link below for the latest guidance.

Please speak to the ACE Team for  support and advice concerning your travel arrangements  - our experienced team are available via ACE Travel





Martine Holland-Robinson

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