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Nigeria: New E-Yellow Fever Card Required

Nigeria: New E-Yellow Fever Card Required

Effective 1 July 2019, the Nigerian government now requires all foreign nationals entering Nigeria to obtain a new electronic Yellow Fever Card (e-Yellow Card) on arrival, on presentation of their home-country yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Who is affected?

The World Health Organisation recommends vaccination against yellow fever for all international travellers nine months of age and older, before they come to Nigeria, as there is evidence of persistent or periodic yellow fever virus transmission of the disease in Nigeria.

What is required?

On arrival in Nigeria, foreign nationals must now present the yellow-fever vaccination certificate obtained in their home country, as well as their original passport and a receipt for payment of the relevant fee, and obtain an e-Yellow Card.

If a traveller arrives in Nigeria without proof of vaccination against both yellow fever and polio, they will be instructed to undergo vaccination, pay the relevant fee and obtain an e-Yellow Card at the port of entry.

Note that the decision to request to see the yellow fever vaccination certificate is totally at the discretion of the immigration officer at the port of entry. Travellers have reported entering Nigeria since this new directive was issued without being asked to show proof of yellow fever vaccination.


Information correct at time of writing. Please check up to date Travel Health information prior to travel.