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Returning to Travel Webinar

Returning to Travel Webinar

With COVID-19 restrictions seemingly easing across the UK and Europe many businesses are starting to put plans in place for their next business travel ventures. Whilst some business flights are operating as close to normal as possible – and air bridges are making long-haul international flights more of a reality – it’s hardly a surprise that a lot of businesses still don’t know where they stand or what they can actually start planning.

In ACE’s latest webinar for the business travel community, our CEO, Sarah Wilson, along with travel insurance expert Mike Berry of Campbell Irvine Ltd, walk you through the perils and pitfalls of booking business travel in the current climate, as well as some things to watch out for!

In the in-depth insurance Q&A session, Mike Berry highlights the key difference between a corporate travel policy for businesses and individual travel insurance – exploring the benefits and drawbacks of each. This includes the level of medical cover that is included in the majority of these policies, which is especially pertinent given the current environment that corporate travel is in.

One of the main features of a corporate travel policy is that, should a traveller become ill or be injured whilst conducting business abroad, the company can send another member of staff out to replace them, the cost of which will be covered under the insurance policy.

The webinar also explores how travellers can find out if they are eligible for a full refund under their insurance policy. The team discusses how retail travel insurers can use small print to negate refunds if flying goes against government advice, and other loopholes that you should be looking out for as you navigate business travel during these strange times.

Following the Q&A session, Sarah Wilson offers insight on how businesses can be preparing for travel, highlighting a range of useful travel tools found across the ACE Travel website. This includes the COVID-19 Restriction Map, which allows travellers to see up-to-date information on other country’s lockdown measures and quarantine periods. The ACE team also gives insight on pre-travel planning, as well as useful tips for when business travellers are in an airport – highlighting key measures being taken to protect fliers throughout the whole process.

Finally, the team highlights a range of resources that are freely available to business travelers – from safety guides to airline instructional videos – that will aid them along their journey.


If you’d like to know more about preparing for business travel, speak to a member of our team today! 

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Martine Holland-Robinson

Jul 16 2020
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