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The Business Travel Association (BTA) & ACE Join Forces!

The Business Travel Association (BTA) & ACE Join Forces!

The Business Travel Association (BTA) of which  ACE Travel is a member, has written to the Government to insist that airlines adhere to the IATA regulations and offer cash refunds for corporate travellers when their flight is cancelled due to the coronavirus. While most UK airlines have continued offering refunds, BTA said it has noted International carriers are refusing to do so, even when flights have been cancelled as a result of government advice or action. The association said this is breaking IATA’s ruling 824r on refunds.
Our CEO Sarah Wilson has called for full refunds to be honoured or, at the very least, allow for airlines to issue vouchers which can be interlined between all airlines which can be used against future travel.
Currently, many airlines are instead offering vouchers that can be used for future flights in place of cash refunds, some of which are only valid up to a year and only allow one free change. The BTA said this prevents Travel Management Companies from refunding their corporate travellers and the companies they work for from recovering the money they have paid.

Mar 30 2020
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