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Top 5 places to visit at the moment

Top 5 places to visit at the moment



Top 5 places to go with no restrictions at the moment:


Looking for a change of scenery and wondering where in Europe British travellers can enter at the moment? With a keen desire for many to travel twinned with a variety of restrictions and travel rules to navigate   - it’s difficult to determine what destination one can actually book, plan and look forward to visiting.


The situation is changing all of the time, but currently UK travellers can visit Italy, Germany, Croatia, Belgium and Switzerland without restrictions – but please remember that the 14 day quarantine upon your return to the UK is currently in place.


So will it be Italy, Germany, Croatia, Belgium or Switzerland and what can you experience there….?


  • Germany – drive to Germany and visit the beautiful landscapes and Schloss’s…


  • Italy is back to normal although facemasks are now part of the normal….restaurants and  bars are  open serving their delicious cuisine, or try the beautiful lakes and mountains


  • Croatia offers the centuries old cobbled streets, visit the old city of Dubrovnik, the outdoor markets in Split,  head to Rovinj for the endless sunset or adventure to Hvar which is a stunningly beautiful island off the coast


  • Switzerland is certainly not just a winter destination – the plentiful lakes provide a perfect opportunity for a variety of water sports and the fantastic mountains, rivers and gorges allow mountain climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping and canoeing to name but a few.   


  • Belgium is often known for its  beer, chocolate and waffles, try out canal cruising  in Bruge or  kayaking in the Ardennes.



Perhaps the change in your summer plans this year will provide the opportunity to  visit new, exciting and beautiful destinations  - please do share your experiences with us.


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