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UK have left the EU - Prepare for the future

UK have left the EU - Prepare for the future

While travellers should continue to heed Government advice on current Covid-19 restrictions, the UK Travellers to the EU campaign has been set up to help communicate actions UK travellers need to take over the next few months.

The UK has left the EU, and as we transition to our new relationship from January 2021, our new start will involve a series of changes and opportunities for individuals and businesses.

  • Individuals need to take action to continue to travel, live and work in the UK and EU.
  • Businesses need to take action to continue to operate, regardless of the deal reached with the EU.
  • UK's New Start: Let's Get Going" is a public information campaign aimed at raising awareness, understanding and motivation to check the guidance, make the changes, and get ready to go.

The four main areas where UK travellers may need to take action are:

  1. Passports
  2. Healthcare/travel insurance
  3. Driving abroad
  4. Pet travel

Please contact the ACE Team for further information…..

Oct 13 2020
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