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Virgin Cabin Crew Experience Day

Virgin Cabin Crew

Two of the ACE Travel Consultants were lucky enough to recently experience a 'day in the life of Virgin Cabin Crew'

They gained an insightful insight into this very important job role  - as described by our Assistant Manager Ingrid Buckley, 


Virgin Expect the Unexpected Day

We were invited to Virgin Atlantic’s “Expect the Unexpected” day along with 15 othe Focus Agents.  After arriving at the Virgin Atlantic Head Office in Crawley, we were provided with a buffet style lunch and soft drinks, where we were able to meet the other Focus Agents attending the day and some of the Virgin Staff.

We were introduced to the team looking after us for the day, they were Cabin Crew who are also trained to do Safety Training, so we knew we were in good hands. Before we started the afternoon, we all were fitted with red boiler suits, these were a safety measure for the upcoming slide.

We embarked on a plane simulator and ran through the safety demonstration, explaining the importance of the different sections of the demo. After this was finished and we were all buckled up for our flight, we went through an emergency landing scenario, including having to take the “brace” position.  Once we were on the ground, we had to use the emergency exits to get out of the plane (it was fascinating to see how many people forgot their closest exit was behind them!) and the crew simulated the emergency procedures after a crash.  They explained how they surveyed the casualties and how they assessed who to work on and how to prioritise the casualties.  This included them demoing using a defribulator and demonstrating how to put a person in the recovery position.

We reset the scenario, this time the crash was into water, so we had to get the life jackets from under our seats and ensure they were fastened safely around our waists before leaving the aircraft. When we left the aircraft, we simulated pulling the tag to inflate the life vest, however, 2 people had a big fright when they realised they had fully functioning lift vests and they inflated fully!

Our next activity of the day was to crawl into a fully inflated life raft…they showed us where the life saving supplies were kept and we had a race to see how quickly we could erect the cover for the raft.

After this, we went on to the event we were all waiting for…the Emergency Slide! After a video safety briefing, it was our turn to climb a couple of stories to the top of the slide.  It was very high and steep, but Shelby and I both were brave enough to go down the slide and avoided any injuries (just as well, as we’d had to sign a disclaimer earlier!!).

This was the end of the day, all that was left was to pose in the pilots seat of a plane (picture attached) and have a quick farewell drink, before departing back home.  All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, I certainly will pay more attention to the safety briefing in future!






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