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ACE Travel Management - Hotels


At ACE Travel, we can take the stress out of organising where your travellers will be staying during their time away from the office. Whether it is a one-night corporate hotel booking before an important meeting or a 2-week apartment stay, ACE Travel can save you time and money by arranging everything for you. See the Hotel Programme flyer for the benefits of booking business travel accommodation through us.

Why Book with ACE Travel?

When going to a new destination, the choice of business travel accommodation can be daunting. Our experienced consultants are able to find the best possible choice for your individual preferences, desired location and budget. We have access to over 29,000 hotels worldwide and our membership to the Focus Partnership and WIN (Worldwide Independent Travel Network) ensures we have access to specially negotiated rates and often include free value-added extras, such as Wi-Fi or breakfast. For longer stays, we are able to source apartments, which give the traveller a home away from home. 

When you make a business hotel booking through ACE Travel, your loyalty will be recognised. Unlike hotel bookings made online, where traveller bookings can be  very anonymous, your chosen hotel will know exactly where the bookings have been made and travellers will be able to collect their loyalty points and rewards. 

If your preference is for travellers to have a fully pre-paid room, we have a large selection of bedbanks to compare, this ensures we are getting the best value for money for your trip. Unlike corporate hotel bookings made online, ACE Travel Management has unique, established relationships with the bedbanks we use, ensuring a better travel experience for our customers. All companies we use to book pre-paid hotels have principal status or provide us with an insurance backed indemnity which provides protection from a health and safety point of view.

Conferma Trip Pay

ACE Travel Management may utilise a Virtual Card solution for clients hotel reservations. Clients can download the Trip Pay App to evidence the virtual credit card upon check in/out at the Hotel. Please find a quick guide via this link.

Hotel Partner Benefits

Through our membership of the Worldwide Independent Travel Network (WIN travel network), we have access to preferred rates and additional inclusions, such as complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi. For more information on the program, please click here.

The ACE Travel Difference

Our experienced Travel Consultants will ensure that all business hotel bookings comply with your company travel policy. Any deviations will be picked up and queried before any reservations are confirmed. All business travel accommodation made through us are automatically part of our cost control, budget and management reporting service. If you need assistance while you are away, our 24-hour emergency helpline staffed by experienced travel professionals is there to help.

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