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Howard Hykin

Howard Hykin

Senior Business Travel Consultant

Call: 0845 241 3406


At which shop would you like to max out your credit card?
I’ve never really thought about it to be honest, but if I had a bit more on my card I’d possible go to a Ferrari showroom

Where’s your favourite place to travel? 
I’ve never been there so hard to answer, used to be the Emirates, but not so much lately, however I’ve always fancied Maui or possibly French Polynesia

Who would you like to swap places with for a day?
Hard to say, maybe Donald Trump, so I could empty hiss bank account and make sure he gets impeached!

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?
A man, seriously either a footballer or a Rockstar.

What is the ultimate destination on your bucket list?
As per the second question, i’ve always fancied Maui or possibly French Polynesia.