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The Business Travel Management Company

We recognise that enterprises today look for the very best in buying power, which is usually associated with large and bureaucratic travel corporations. At the same time, they require the personal service, experience and creativity that only an independent travel professional truly provides.

As an independent business travel management company in one of the most progressive groups in the business travel sector, we achieve both true savings and great personal service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business travel management company?

A business travel management company provides holistic, on-going services for business or corporate travel requirements. This can be for an individual, a group, or even a whole organisation. The aim of a travel management company is to reduce costs, centralise travel policies and make it more efficient for businesses to travel regularly – taking the strain of arranging travel off personal assistants or office managers.


What is the importance of corporate travel management?

Business travel management companies, like ACE Travel, are experts in meeting the needs of corporate travellers – with years’ of industry experience and knowledge. Whether it’s arranging flights, visa requirements, hotels, car hire, or trip timetabling, everything is handled in-house, allowing travellers to focus solely on business. Corporate travel company services are also cost-effective, offering savings in time and investment.


When will business travel resume?

As of June 2020 it is unclear as to when full-scale business travel will return. However, there are some signs that the industry could be reigniting in the near future. Major airline operators are planning to resume flights at the end of July, whilst some smaller airports – such as London City – have announced the resumption of flights by late June. There is also ongoing work being done to open specific ‘air bridges’ which will allow corporate travellers to safely conduct business internationally, albeit with a 14-day quarantine.


How to do business travel management safely?

Over the next few months, safety will play a large part in the offering of every business travel management company. Whilst it’s hard to say exactly what corporate travel will look like, it’s important to recognise that travel management companies receive up-to-date information across the industry to ensure that everything they do is compliant with current safety regulations. If you want to do corporate travel safely post-pandemic, it’s more important than ever to trust an expert agent.